The DEWS Report in Perspective

by | December 2012

The publication of the Dry Eye WorkShop (DEWS) Report almost 6 years ago was a landmark event in the history of our understanding and treatment of dry eye disease.1 The work of a large group of experts from around the globe, the DEWS Report provided a consensus definition of dry eye and an evidence-based description [...]

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Diabetes Keratopathy

by | October 2012

Although most studies of diabetic injury to the eye have, understandably, focused on the retina, diabetic damage to the cornea can be significant. Not only can diabetes cause serious corneal morbidity, it weakens the corneal epithelium, leaving it vulnerable to damage from ocular procedures that, ironically, may be performed to treat other diabetic sequelae.

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Diabetes and Ocular Surface Innervation

by | September 2012

Although much remains to be learned about the ways in which diabetes mellitus causes damage to the corneal nerves, one mechanism likely involves direct nerve damage due to a buildup of intracellular sorbitol. In diabetes, glucose metabolism may be shifted toward the polyol pathway, the first step of which is the conversion of glucose

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Matrix Metalloproteinases: Their Meaning in Ocular Surface Disease

by | August 2012

In the last few years, references to matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) have surfaced repeatedly in the ophthalmic literature, often in reference to ocular surface disease. This column will look at what these enzymes are and why they may be of interest to clinicians who deal with ocular surface disease.

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